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Positively Resolute

new year beachHappiest of New Year Wishes for you all!

After a huge health scare, I am back writing again. I am going to try something I have NEVER been able to do before… Even if it is just one word, I want to write something every day. One of the ways I see my self is as a writer, but I haven’t really written anything – other than the ever-hated Algebra – in quite some time.

There was so much that happened, wonderful and flat-out-horrible, that dealing with all of it didn’t leave enough “me” left to write. Funny as it might sound, my New Year Resolution is to not lose the “me” that writes, again. Many people see New Year Resolutions as a path to certain failure, trite, or just too much to bother with.

To me, the coming of a new year is a good reminder to consider where I’ve been and where I want to be. How do you see it? Do you make resolutions? The more people that are Positively Resolute, the better this world will be. For this New Year, I wish you strength, joy, and courage.
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